Run Games For Our D&D 5E Track At Bride Of Cyclops Con

The excitement for Bride of Cyclops Con continues to build. Our sequel to Cyclops Con will offer more games and more fun than anything else we’ve put together before.

This online convention isn’t just for DCC RPG, either. We’re giving every game we publish product for a chance to shine, and that includes D&D 5E.

We’re putting together a track of 5E games for Bride of Cyclops Con, and we want you to be a part of it. We need gamemasters to run events for the con, and that means YOU!

These can be from our own Original Adventures Reincarnated and Fifth Edition Fantasy lines, or homebrew adventures, or other published 5E material. The point is that we want people to be able to play games!

As to how you plan to run these games, we’re open on that one, too. Any online platform is acceptable—Zoom, Roll20, Discord, etc. Just so long as it is a functional online platform, available to anyone.

Event submission opens Monday 8/17 so start your planning!

If you would like us to include your event in the published 5E track, you need to email Chris Doyle and let him know.

Bride of Cyclops Con is rising! We want to see your games come alive…ALIVE!

Author: jmcdevitt

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