Volunteers Needed for Bride of Cyclops Con!

That thing! That slithering con coming towards us? What is it?! No, it’s not Melvin…it’s Bride of Cyclops Con! And we want your help with it.

Our newest online convention is bigger and better than anything else we’ve put together, but in making it bigger and better it also means more work. And that’s where you come in…

We’re planning exciting new things and we need your help! If you want to be a Judge at Bride of Cyclops Con we will welcome your games! The games are the heart of the beast, after all.

But if you want to help out and aren’t really ready to judge, we’ll still have room for you! We need help with hosting social events, helping players connect with their judges, facilitating tournaments, and many other things.

Interested parties please email susan@goodman-games.com and she’ll get you on track to help out.

Let’s come together to make Bride of Cyclops Con the best thing to hit October since Halloween! Bride of Cyclops Con takes place from October 16-18, 2020 everywhere!

Author: pandabrett

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