Spellburn #100 Now Live!

Happy 100th episode, Spellburn!

The premiere podcast about all things Dungeon Crawl Classics is turning 100, and it’s looking better than ever! So we’d like to extend a huge thanks and congratulations out to Judges Jen, Julian, Jarrett, and Jeff for being the vanguard of the fandom and holding the torch high.

We contacted Judge Jen about her time with Spellburn. Here is what she had to say:

Spellburn has been a huge part of my life — dating back to Episode 13, when they declared me an official Spellburn Acolyte. I joke that the property value dropped a bit around #22, when my boundless enthusiasm led to being brought into the fold of the “Judges J”, but—kidding aside—I am ridiculously proud to be part of this ambassadorial show, and of what the Judges J have accomplished in our time on the internet airwaves. We wouldn’t be here without the DCC community, so immense thanks to you all!

And for the 100th episode, what better way to celebrate than to cover the upcoming DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres (is Chaos)? And more, they do it with ACTUAL PLAY of the module! Oh yeah, you want to be there.

Here’s to the next 100 episodes of greatness! Go listen to the Spellburn podcast right now!

Judge Jen
Judge Julian
Judge Jarrett
Judge Jeff

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