The Rats of G.I.M. Kickstarter Now Live for MCC Fans!

The folks at Dark Platypus are back with a new third-party release for Mutant Crawl Classics! And Mrs. Frisby approves!

Right now over on Kickstarter, you can provide support to help make The Rats of G.I.M. a reality and add another layer to the world of MCC RPG. Here’s a description of the book, straight from the Kickstarter campaign:

The Rats of G.I.M. is a stand-alone adventure module for characters levels 1-2, designed for use with the Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. This full-color, 40-page module will include maps, art, new monsters and technology, and most of all a riveting 4-part adventure that starts with some tiny little tentacle-rats, and ends with the party racing to stop a threat that could overwhelm all of Terra AD.

The party plays a brave band of Seekers who come upon a village in trouble. A terrible plague has recently begun affecting the villagers, causing hideous mutations to radically and rapidly overtake their bodies, until at last they lose all sanity and flee into the woods. The most likely culprit: a recent infestation of Really Weird Rats!

The PCs follow the clues, and the trail leads them to discover a mysterious enclave of the Ancients. The place seems dedicated to the creation of monsters and strange animals. Can the group find the cure for the plague before they succumb to it themselves? Will the two Ancient AI’s warring for control of the complex be allies—or enemies!

As you might recall, Dark Platypus created some miniatures for MCC RPG, and this campaign with also include new ones designed just for this adventure!

The Kickstarter also includes a free Digital Resource Pack for all backers. This download comes with digital copies of the maps and transparent PNG token images for all the monsters in The Rats of G.I.M., all the characters in the Character Folio, and a bunch of other Mutant Mayhem Minis and Dark-Platypus Studio sculpts as well! Plus, there are some amazing stretch goals that add on even more goodies as the campaign grows.

So head on over to Kickstarter and show this campaign some love today!

Author: pandabrett

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