New Emotes For Our Twitch Fans

Have you been watching the Goodman Games Twitch channel and thought to yourself, “Self! It sure would be nice to be able to express the shear and overwhelming emotions I get when I hear Manly Michael Curtis ramble on and on about some gaming topic! Or when I hear Brenden LaSalle has rolled a natural 20 on his unsuspecting players!” 

Well, now you can with Official Goodman Games Twitch Emotes when you subscribe to the channel! Sling out an angry Hugh face! Or good ol’ fashion DCC logo! Higher tiers will be granted the warrior sorceress Shana, while those in the topmost tier will be granted with an effigy of the Chaos Lord Molan!

Right now our emotes army is small, but the more subscribers we get the more emotes we can unleash upon the world! So what are you waiting for! Subscribe to the Goodman Games Twitch Channel to not only gain your emotes, but all the other benefits of a subscription, like: BADGES, SPECIAL ALERTS, EXCLUSIVE CHAT ROOMS, EXCLUSIVE COMPETITIONS, and AD-FREE VIEWING!

So head on over to The Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel and subscribe today to get those benefits!

Author: pandabrett

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