New Umerica and Road Crew Releases in Online Store

From the post-apocalypse to folks diligently running games during the 2020 nighpocalypse, we’ve got two fantastic releases just for you!

One of the releases is the latest for the Umerica setting by Shield of Faith Studios, while the other is exclusive for our Road Crew members, but both are great new products.

Let’s look at the details!

Umerican Road Atlas – Print + PDF

A Gonzo Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Sourcebook with new classes, vehicle types & traits, road gang info, and an adventure!

Join us as we explore the glowing highways and byways of Umerica and those that ride upon them. Within these irradiated pages you will find:

  • Over a baker’s dozen of new Interesting Places to Die for you to inflict upon your players.
  • The amusing Roadside Attraction Generator, useful for creating truly terrifying tourist traps.
  • The helpful Random Roadtrip Encounters table, just in case you’re not sure exactly what is over the next hill.
  • Wild weather rules for brewing up an Umerican style storm to make your PC’s lives interesting.
  • A treatise on the most infamous gangs of the wastelands.
  • The Random Gang Generator, for all of your on-the-fly raider ambush needs.
  • Three new character classes: Holy Roller, Hunter, and Road Hawg.
  • A slew of new Mighty Deeds dedicated to modern weapons and vehicular mayhem.
  • A whole section dedicated to new vehicle types and traits.
  • And last but not least, Race for Death — a road rally adventure to die for.

We Are The Road Crew #2


Do you want to have your own copy of We Are The Road Crew #2?

The second issue contains all-new material including:

  • A review of the Weird Realms store in Cleveland, OH
  • Advice from Judges
  • A new patron: Grogar
  • The gonzo character background generator 
  • A new adventure set in the Shudder Mountains

This book must be included as a part of another Road Crew order. Meaning you cannot order it separately. You must order them in concert with one of the other Road Crew swag packs, and the same conditions apply for it as with any other Road Crew order.

Author: pandabrett

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