New in the Online Store: Every Free RPG Day Release Ever!

Since its inaugural year, Goodman Games has been a part of Free RPG Day. That means we’ve had at least one new release (if not two or three) every year since 2007, with the sole purpose of celebrating our favorite hobby and advancing it to a new fanbase.

In just over a week, you’ll be able to go to your FLGS and get the latest release in the series (check the Free RPG Day website to find the participating store closest to you!), but, alas, there is no way to get the treasures from past years.

Except one. Now we’ve got those releases on our website.

That’s right! We’ve gathered up PDF versions of each release—with the exception of our 2010 release, which can’t sell because we didn’t renew the associated license—and put them on our online store.

In some cases, you’ll see that we released the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules, but don’t think that they’re all the same. For the first time, you can buy a PDF of the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules from every year of Free RPG Day, which means you can also get all the various short adventure modules that have rotated into them over the years.

Let’s look at the whole list!

Free RPG Day 2007

Free RPG Day 2008

Free RPG Day 2009

Flip book – side A
Flip book – side B

Free RPG Day 2010

Not Available due to licensing

Free RPG Day 2011

Free RPG Day 2012

Free RPG Day 2013

Free RPG Day 2014

Free RPG Day 2015

Free RPG Day 2016

Free RPG Day 2017

Free RPG Day 2018

Free RPG Day 2019

Head on over to our online store to grab your copies today!

Author: pandabrett

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