Free RPG Day is Two Weeks From Today!

We are just two weeks out from one of the best days of the year: Free RPG Day!

You need to check with your local store to find out if they are participating in this year’s event because if they are, we’ve got a great release heading your way. This year’s DCC RPG Quick Start Rules contain new material and a new cover, which we announced in a previous post.

In the trying times that are…well, all of 2020, it’s doubly important to check with your FLGS. Many stores might need to schedule Free RPG Day at a certain time, or even on a different day, so that they can accommodate local guidelines. And chances are they will welcome your support right now, no matter the date.

To find the store closest to you that is participating, you can also visit the Free RPG Day website. They’ve got a full list of stores that have signed up for you to check out.

You’ve got two weeks left to plan out your day! Let’s all get ready to have a great Free RPG Day 2020!

Author: pandabrett

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