An Update on “Return to the Starless Sea,” our DCC Gen Con Tournament

Earlier this year we announced the tournament for Gen Con 2020Return to the Starless Sea. Since that announcement, life has kinda changed around us.

Gen Con has canceled its physical presence, and announced that it is going strictly online. Which means that we—obviously—won’t be having a physical tournament. That does NOT, however, mean that we won’t be doing the tournament at all.

Return to the Starless Sea is still going to happen, though not in its original form! Like a lot of things, it’s going online!

We are postponing the tournament until after Gen Con, in order to give us time to fully adapt it to an online format. So don’t expect to see it at Gen Con Online. We WILL be running it as an online tournament, just not at Gen Con Online.

At DCC Days Online we tested the online format for a DCC Team Tournament, and it went well. In fact, you can read the results in a previous post. We are currently retrofitting some of our learnings from running Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar online, and tuning up Return to the Starless Sea to make it the best adventure possible.

Trust us. We’ve got plans….

We will provide an update soon on how and when you can participate in Return to the Starless Sea online! 

Author: pandabrett

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