New in the Online Store: Skull & Crossbones Classics

Ahoy mateys! We’ve got some swashes that desperately need buckling, and fortunately, the folks at Sanctum Media have stepped up to the task!

Skull & Crossbones Classics is the new zine from the one-and-only Bob Brinkman. Bob is not only one of the main forces behind the Sanctum Secorum podcast, but he’s a frequent contributor to many of our lines. You’ll find Bob’s name on products for Mutant Crawl Classics, DCC Lankhmar, Fifth Edition Fantasy, and much more.

Now Bob has turned his eyes to the high seas and the golden age of pirates. And Bob is no stranger to the pirate genre, as anyone who has met him knows well. So we know this ship is in good hands!

Let’s take a closer look!

Skull & Crossbones Classics #1

The DCC zine of high seas adventure! 

1650-1720: The Golden Age of Piracy, a time where the seas were ruled by those with the most powerful fleets—but those desperate (or greedy) enough could live like kings.

You are no hero…

You’re a pirate: a corsair, a buccaneer, a sea-beggar, a whipcord-tough cutthroat plying the devil’s trade. You seek gold and glory, taking it with sword and cannon fire, awash in the blood of those who would oppose you, and the tears of those too weak to stop you.

There are treasures to be won upon the seas, and you shall have them.

In issue #1 you will find:

  • Core Rules – Character Basics
  • Mechanic – Star Signs
  • Character Class – The Jonah
  • Mechanic – The Devil’s Own Luck
  • Inspirations – Sailing Superstitions
  • Mechanic – Ill-Fortune
  • Monsters – Sea Beggar’s Bestiary
  • Inspirations – Appendix S

Author: pandabrett

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