Announcing Our 2020 Free RPG Day Release

Free RPG Day began after a conversation between Aldo Ghiozzi and Joseph Goodman. Since then, it has evolved and changed, becoming a highly anticipated event each summer. And with each one, Goodman Games has been a part of the celebration.

And this year is no exception.

Goodman Games is pleased to announce that we are supporting Free RPG Day again on July 25, 2020!

This year we are releasing a special book containing the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules, plus two adventures. The first adventure is the classic Portal Under the Stars funnel that has become nigh-legendary—and even has a new set of VTT Tokens and Maps to help you play it online.

The second adventure is an all-new level 1 adventure by Julian Bernick: The Legend of the Silver Skull. We’ll give you more details on this adventure as Free RPG Day grows closer, but since it’s Julian, you know to expect something fun.

Plus, this year the quick start rules are reprinted with a brand new cover. The latest release sports the iconic DCC RPG demon skull by Doug Kovacs, printed in gold foil on a black background. 

Visit your participating FLGS on July 25 to pick up your copy of the new edition of the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules! And if your FLGS hasn’t signed up yet, encourage them to sign up now at!

Author: pandabrett

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