Now In The Online Store: Two New Third-Party Releases

The creativity of DCC RPG fans shines through this week with the release of two new third-party publisher products.

Whether you prefer to fly to the stars or travel back to ancient Rome, these two books both give you a solid foundation upon which you can build a campaign.

And both of this week’s releases are available as print + pdf format.

Let’s get right to the details!

Terror of the Stratosfiend #2: Risograph Edition

While Earth was ravaged by the Drop, strange entities, unknown to modern humanity, roiled in the depths of space.

Issue 2 features:

  • New ways to use living, sentient, and incubating equipment.
  • New items for clerics to use.
  • 3 new classes!
  • – The reality binder, a mage that acts as a siege tower.
  • – The fear engine, a bard that communes with living weapons.
  • – The roof jumper, a rogue that spends its time on rooftops and in alleys while releasing ravens. 
  • 3 new spells for all of your door directors. Yes, the domain of doors is here. 
  • 9 new bestiary entries ranging from flesh centipedes, elevators, and living doors to t-rexes with laser rifles.
  • 20 new 0-level occupations so you can roll up new funnel goers.
  • As well as some lucky signs and a new language table.

Pax Lexque Campaign Guide Hardcover

Pax Lexque Campaign brings fantasy elements to a Roman Empire/early medieval environment, detailing twenty nations.

Pax Lexque is a campaign setting based on an alternate reality historical earth in which the Roman Empire was co-mingled with conventional elements of fantasy—elves, dwarves, wizards, clerics, giants, dragons and everything else you’d expect.

After a magical war tore the Roman Empire apart, the empire is now rebuilding, with its eyes on its eternal motto, “Pax Lexque” or “Peace and Law”. The emperor has formed a special forces arm of the imperial army to deal with unexplained problems left over from the magical war—cursed or haunted battlefields, horrific monsters summoned during the war, necromancers, and diabolists who still try to delve into forbidden knowledge.

This guide is meant as a sandbox environment. The world of the Great Sea region is presented with its history and geography broken down to twenty nations, ready for characters to explore. Nineteen new patrons particular to this world are described, six of which are presented in full detail, complete with patron spells. Also included are four new character classes: Dwarven Cleric, Elven Ranger, Felid (or catfolk), and Gnome.

Note: These items arrived with some minor shelf wear after shipping. Please note that the corners are slightly dinged on some copies. 

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