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The folks behind the Rabid Dogs zine are back with a new 0-level funnel for Dungeon Crawl Classics, The Precipice of Corruption! Creator Nick Baran of Breaker Press Games has put together an adventure on the edge of the world—or at least that’s how the locals see it.

Here’s a description directly from the Kickstarter:

Stennard lay in the wooded foothills of a massive impenetrable mountain chain. As far as any of the regional layfolk are concerned, they live on the edge of the world, and all manner of horrors spawn in the shadow of the mountains beyond. There was a time when the people of Stennard may have traveled further west, closer to the rising rock face, but any roads that once were have long since been taken back by nature, with nothing more than deer paths remaining.

The growing season in this region has seen a glut of torrential rains that have damaged and spoiled the crops. This outlier town has few trading partners, and the neighboring towns are suffering the same fate. The townsfolk need to do something to ensure their citizenry have enough in their stores to survive the coming winter. A small band of Stennard’s most prolific hunters and gatherers agreed to press into the forbidden lands to the west and did not return. Desperate, a call was sent out to all of the neighboring towns: “Come to Stennard! We are offering a reward to find our missing sons and daughters.”

This adventure has been play-tested for two years and is now ready to see print. It includes over 20 named NPCs, many of which might survive to become recurring characters in your DCC RPG campaign. And during that time Breaker Press Games has collected artwork to go with the book, creating a dynamic look to go with an exciting module.

The Precipice of Corruption has already been funded, so there is no risk of seeing it complete. Let’s see how high we can push the total before the campaign comes to a close!

So don’t just sit there on the edge of this one. Head on over to Kickstarter and show The Precipice of Corruption some love today!

Author: pandabrett

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