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Join the 2 Worm 2 Furious Kickstarter—a level 0 funnel for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG!

At some point in the past, there is a high-percentage chance that your character has been called a worm by some highfalutin would-be villain on their road to conquest. Well, you may not actually be a worm, but this is your chance to protect one and get it back to its mom, The God-Queen!

2 Worm 2 Furious is a new 0-level DCC funnel by Orbital Intelligence, the folks who brought you Terror of the Stratosfiend. And it might be their most out-there adventure to date.

Here’s some details from the Kickstarter:

Born in the farlands, she knew only a life of torment and subsistence. Every challenge meaning death, or something worse. It is there she found THE SCRIPTURES OF THE WORM: promising power eternal and the bond of the Grub. She followed them to what we now call her Throne; this stronghold is the only thing between humanity and the scourge of the Doombringer Moth.” — Some future historian on the God-Queen

2 Worm 2 Furious is a deadly funnel that revolves around an ever-mutating and evolving moth grub. It can support 4-6 players with 15-20 level 0 characters, as it’s a funnel, but it also works for levels 1+, as the worm adapts to the higher level characters. 

As a player, you’ll be trying to get the Worm/Grub/Juvenile Moth back to the hatchery. You will likely die, be sacrificed to the worm, fall into a sinkhole, or be trampled. As a Judge, you’ll be harnessing the raw power of the grub as it mutates, and changes forms…until it becomes the kingdom shattering Doombringer Moth (unless the players stop it first). There are plenty of new locations, encounters, beasts, and NPCs for you to include in your own settings and games.

The Kickstarter is already funded, and into the first couple of stretch goals—but there are plenty more to achieve! So visit the Kickstarter for 2 Worm 2 Furious and show them some love! And get that worm back to its mom.

Author: susiemurph

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