That Time We Almost Built a Ziggurat

So, due to the global pandemic, Gen Con is canceled for 2020. 

We’re all pretty bummed out. We had big plans for this year! BIG PLANS! On many fronts. New books! New tournaments! New booth dressing! There were so many things that Goodman Games planned to bring to Gen Con for 2020.

This was going to be the year of the ziggurat. We’ve been building up to this for years! As Wayne put it, “Joe’s building his own life-size DCC playset.” Yes…that’s the plan, actually. 2020 was the year we were going to open up Gen Con with a gigantic ziggurat in the back of our booth. 

Yes, you read that correctly: a ziggurat. A bigass ziggurat. Right there at the back of the booth. Like the one on the cover to DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea. Or the one on the cover of DCC #23: The Sunken Ziggurat. Heck, like the one featured in Metamorphosis Alpha: Death Ziggurat in Zero-G. We’ve always loved ziggurats here at Goodman Games. They look great, they hold human sacrifices well, you can balance bowls of blood on the steps without worrying about spillage, and if you hollow it out, it can also hold all your Gen Con inventory and supplies. 

Wayne Snyder built our Doom Gong back in 2017 and the Obelisks of Doom in 2018. And as amazing as those are, they were just the setup for the gigantic ziggurat! 

We’re not kidding. The plan was to do a three-tier ziggurat, twelve feet in height, with a glowing demon head at the top. The interior would be hollow to hold our booth stock, and the edges would hold skulls, bowls of blood, and maybe some DCC books. 

Unfortunately, Gen Con got canceled. So all we have are Wayne’s sketches and that huge pile of lumber in his workspace. 

But good news for 2021! We already bought the lumber…

Here are some of Wayne’s sketches so you can see where it’s going. Hopefully, in 2021 our Gen Con booth is back in style! 

Author: pandabrett

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