DCC #94: Neon Knights Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

It’s a neon pink adventure—and now it’s on Fantasy Grounds!

Dungeon Crawl Classics #94: Neon Knights has been translated for use with the Fantasy Grounds virtual table-top system, both for their site an the Steam online engine.

Written by fan-favorite author Brendan LaSalle, the adventure has been translated for the Fantasy Grounds by Dieter Zimmerman, and is meant for 3rd-level characters.

Ten thousand flawless killers surround the city. Utterly silent in battle and in death, they seem unconquerable. They mean to choke the life out of the age-old city and leave it an empty ruin.

The city calls upon its heroes to defeat this unnatural menace. The heroes gather to ponder the question: how do you defeat an impregnable foe?

And then a wizard from a far-off world whisks the heroes away to fight battle of a very different sort, leaving them with a strange neon pink glow around their eyes…

So gather your best and let them show off their brand new colors as they unleash pink magic onto the Fantasy Grounds world!

And don’t forget the rest of the Dungeon Crawl Classics line on Fantasy Grounds. It’s growing on a regular basis! (Oh, and we’ve got our Fifth Edition Fantasy adventures on there, too!)

Author: pandabrett

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