Registration Now Live for DCC Days Online!

DCC Days Online event registration is NOW OPEN!

We now have over 200 events listed for the upcoming online event! You can browse the event catalog and register for each game you want to play. And remember, events are still being added, so keep checking in to see if you want to sign up for more!

With so many great events listed, how do you know where to start? Just check out this post to find featured events, so you can pick out your events and even follow the links to get in on these special games!

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many lives in many ways. We are offering discounted badges for people who have been economically impacted by the current situation. If you would like information on this, email us at

DCC Days Online takes place June 11-14! We hope you’ll join us for some online RPG fun!

Author: susiemurph

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