Food Bank Donation by Goodman Games for DCC Days Online Games

America, and the world at large, are in troubled times these days. Regardless of political views, we can all agree that far too many people have died from the virus, and the impact on our economy and society are extremely challenging. Among the many repercussions is a startling increase in the number of Americans relying on food banks to feed their families. It is so very sad to hear these stories of hungry Americans. It is doubly sad to hear stories of children who are hungry. At Goodman Games we are troubled by this turn of events and we would like to invite our fans to help us try to make a difference

After our upcoming convention DCC Days Online, Goodman Games will donate $5 to a food bank for every game that’s run at the convention. As of right now we have nearly 200 events listed, with more being added each day. We would like to thank all the judges who have submitted events so far, and encourage both judges and players to show up, have fun, and enjoy themselves at DCC Days Online. While doing that, we should also remember those who don’t have the means to participate, and support them as best we can. At the very least, everyone should be able to feed themselves and their family every day.

Our food bank of choice is the SF-Marin Food Bank, simply because The Dark Master has volunteered there before and can personally vouch for it. We encourage fans to support food banks as well. You can support the SF-Marin Food Bank, too, or another one that is local to you.

Please support DCC Days Online and assist us in our support of the SF-Marin Food Bank. Regardless of the convention, please also support your neighbors, especially those who are hungry.

As a reminder, Goodman Games offers discounted badges for DCC Days Online for those gamers who have been economically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you would like information on this, email us at

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