“TALKING TSR” Debuts Tonight On The Goodman Games Twitch Channel

We love to talk. And more so, we adore to talk about things that we love. Sometimes so much, that we can’t fit it all into a single conversation…

At Cyclops Con, one of our most popular seminars was “Top 10 TSR Adventure Modules,” where we spoke on our love of early modules for Dungeons and Dragons. It’s the kind of topic that gets our blood and creative juices really flowing and is part of the core that solidifies our love of gaming through to this day. 

So we’re going to keep it going!

Join us tonight for our new show, Talking TSR, debuting on Twitch! Each episode, hosts Chris Doyle and Rick Maffei will talk shop about TSR and the things that they love about old-school adventure. 

For the first episode, they compare their Top 5 lists of classic TSR adventure series, among many other things. If you enjoyed “Top 10 TSR Adventure Modules” at Cyclops Con, you’ll love Talking TSR! 

Talking TSR debuts tonight at 10:00 pm EST on the Goodman Games Twitch channel! Right after Judge Brendan finishes up Blades Against Bandwidth! 

We hope to see you on Twitch tonight!

Author: pandabrett

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