Save 20% on DCC #81: The One Who Watches From Below

Tonight is the next installment of our new Twitch show Blades Against Bandwidth, where Judge Brendan leads his DCC group through an ongoing series of DCC adventures. Currently, the group is playing through DCC #81: The One Who Watches From Below, facing off against something that has its eyes on them.

The rumors are true! The secret cave of the mystics holds a hoard of treasure vast enough to buy the kingdom seven times over. Gold coins piled as high as snow banks! Gleaming swords and jewel-encrusted wands crackling with arcane energy! Precious gems as large as your fist! The only thing standing between your present circumstances and a life of fabulous wealth is a pesky, slumbering elder god with a penchant for consuming entire worlds, an endless army of vat-grown hybrid monstrosities, a veritable tidal wave of disembodied eyes with awesome powers, giant acid worms, and a curse with the power to rip the still-living eyes from your skull. Do you have the mettle to stare down a god or will your eyes forever adorn the vault of The One Who Watches From Below?

While they’re playing this adventure, you can save 20% when you buy it! Use code DCC81discount for a 20% discount on the print or PDF edition. It’s a great adventure—and if you don’t believe us, watch the live play that will air later tonight, or check out last week’s session!

Blades Against Bandwidth airs tonight at 6:00 pm EST on the Goodman Games Twitch channel!

Author: pandabrett

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