Con Exclusive Dice Now In The Online Store!

You might have already noticed, but…2020 has been a strange year. We were all set to attend 40+ cons this year, and we actually did a special run of dice in multiple colors to reward fans who visited us at the cons. Unfortunately, the current state of affairs in the world means that most of these cons were canceled.

One of the silver linings of the current stay-at-home situation is that YOU benefit, since we have now consolidated all that convention-exclusive inventory to ship from our online store!

Therefore, this week we’re offering 7 new colors of dice, which have never been offered through our online store before. In addition, we have a restock of some previously sold-out dice styles that were found in our secret convention stashes. 

Check out these new colors of dice, and get ‘em while supplies last! All con special dice are packaged in tubes with our generic “DCC Dice” label, previously available only at conventions.

Let’s look at them!

Silver Glitter with blue ink

Red with white ink SOLD OUT

Orange with black ink

White with black ink

Rainbow (note: exact colors of each die vary by set)

Purple with white ink

Yellow with black ink 5x

Author: pandabrett

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