Watch “What’s New With Goodman Games” and other Cyclops Con seminars

Missed Cyclops Con? Gaming during the seminar slots? Well, now you can catch up on all the seminars you missed! We’ve uploaded all of the Cyclops Con seminars to the Official Goodman Games YouTube Channel, where you can find all of our videos. So go check out the channel!

Below are all of the seminars from Cyclops Con for you to watch. Give them a look!

Cyclops Con Presents What’s New With Goodman Games

The Dark Master himself, Joseph Goodman, lays out what is to come from Goodman Games!

Cyclops Con Presents Top 10 TSR Adventure Modules

Recorded at Cyclops Con, join Tim Wadzinski, Michael Curtis, Aldo Ghiozzi, and Chris Doyle with host Joseph Goodman as they lay out what modules they consider the best from the TSR era of Dungeons and Dragons!

Cyclops Con Presents The DCC College

There are ways to do it right, and there are ways to do it wrong. The DCC College is a seminar to help fans ask the rules questions and help them figure out how to make all of their adventure nights fall onto the right side of things. Featuring a cast of luminary Judges, The DCC College will help you no matter what you’ve been wanting to figure out.

Cyclops Con Presents How to Write Adventure Modules that Don’t Suck

From the basics to the advanced, secrets and suggestions will be shared by top minds in this seminar originally aired at Cyclops Con! Watch to see how to improve your own game from the pros like Brendan LaSalle, Terry Olson, Marc Brunner, Chris Doyle, and even our Dark Master, Joseph Goodman! It’s an hour of education, and it’s totally free!

Cyclops Con Presents The Appendix N Trivia Hour

Pulled from the archives of Cyclops Con, we bring you Jeff Goad and The Appendix N Trivia Hour! Do you have the chops to become the Overlord of Appendix N Trivia? Glory and prizes await those who dare try their hand at the title! Your hosts (and perhaps some special guests) will test your speed and cunning to see who rises to the top! BY CROM! This will be a challenge for the mighty!

Cyclops Con Presents Ask Me Anything – Brendan LaSalle

Want to know who gave him the nickname “Beast Mode?” Want to find out how he came up with the idea for Xcrawl? Need to know trivia about jazz music? Brendan has the answers, and he’s willing to share in this one-hour free-for-all with fans who have inquisitive minds.

Cyclops Con Presents Ask Me Anything – Harley Stroh

One of the most prolific of creators for Goodman Games, Harley Stroh describes himself as a “lucky guy that got to write some DCC adventures.” We disagree. They’re not just “some” DCC adventures, but some of the best adventures in the history of the industry. Come see why he deserves that rep!

Cyclops Con Presents Ask Me Anything – Joseph Goodman

Want to discover his favorite dinosaur? How about why we call him “The Dark Master?” Or maybe even where he came up with the name of the company? Goodman Games? It’s still a mystery. No matter the conundrum he is dealt, Joseph Goodman spends an hour answering questions and informing fans.

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