New In The Online Store: DCC Lankhmar #11 with VTT Support, plus Convention Specials!

With the changing world all around us, we’re adapting to new ways of gaming on a daily basis. And for those of us who’ve discovered the world of Virtual Table Tops (or VTTs) we’ve got some fantastic news!

Announcing the DCC Lankhmar #11: The Rats of Ilthmar – VTT Map + Token Pack! That’s right, we’ve put together some tools to help run our newest module on a VTT platform, and now it’s available directly to you! You watched it at Cyclops Con, and now you can have your own set! And this is just the FIRST VTT set that we have planned, so keep your eyes out in the near future for more great news!

On top of that—since conventions aren’t exactly happening right now—we’ve moved the product that was originally exclusive to the convention scene to our online store, along with another module that was hard to find and never before available online. So there is a quartet of great new DCC modules that you might not have seen before today—available in both print and PDF format, so you can get a virtual copy even if the (rather limited) supply of the physical copies run out.

Let’s take a closer look!

DCC Lankhmar #11: The Rats of Ilthmar – VTT Map + Token Pack

The perfect accessory to play DCCL #11: The Rats of Ilthmar on a virtual tabletop! This set of maps and tokens allows you to bring stunning visuals to your online session. All art is from hand-painted originals, scanned and formatted for online play. The look and feel of these tokens capture the spirit of DCC gaming and its Appendix N origins, yet is scaled and prepared for play online.

Inside this map+token pack you will find:

  • Two large maps, The Temple of the Rat and the Rat Temple Catacombs, hand-painted in full color. Each map is offered in a gridded and grid-free format.
  • Two-color player handouts.
  • More than 60 monster tokens, representing the foes in the adventure: rats, giant rats, rat wights, ratman berserkers, rat priests and cultists, rat swarms, evil sailors, worshippers, primordial slime, the catacomb guardian, and more.
  • 24 player character tokens, representing 12 different Lankhmar character types, each with a male and female version. Thieves, wizards, and warriors a-plenty!

This VTT map+token pack is designed to be played with Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar #11: The Rats of Ilthmar. You can use the graphics herein without the adventure, but you’ll get the most out of them if you also own the adventure.

DCC Lankhmar #11: The Rats of Ilthmar

A level 3 DCC adventure set in Lankhmar!

A relic sacred to the Rat God lies protected beneath a temple in the trash-ridden city of Ilthmar. Those who venerate the Rat seek to turn the relic’s power against Ilthmar’s most hated rival: Lankhmar, the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes!

When Lankhmar’s Overlord learns of this plot, he dispatches a selected party of cut-throats, sorcerers, and alley-fighters to recover the relic before the scheme of the Rat God comes to fruition. But to succeed in their mission, the party will have to infiltrate the deepest depths of the Rat Sect and overcome a multitude of unexpected and dangerous guardians.

Do they have what it takes to succeed in the Overlord’s request—or will they end up another rat-gnawed corpse in the shark-infested waters of Ilthmar?

DCC Convention Module 2019: The Inn At Five Points

A Level 2 Adventure for DCC RPG

The Inn at Five Points is a local landmark, known for decent food, good drink, a good night’s rest—and a special reputation for neutrality. Warring parties use the Inn to negotiate and make peace. And now the amenable neutrality of the Inn has attracted the attention fo the Crawling Lord, the most and extreme defender of Law.

Can a rag-tag group of adventurers prevent the ascension of the vial Crawling Lord? Will they ever see the light of day again? And what exactly makes Arlo and Quendy’s rosemary bread so addictive? All this and more shall be answered at The Inn at Five Points.

BONUS: Four ACTUAL recipes from The Inn at Five Points cookbook!

DCC Convention Module 2018: The Tower of the Black Pearl

A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG

Once every decade, the tides of the Empyrean Ocean recede far enough to reveal the highest eaves of a mysterious undersea tower. Long ago this was an eldritch fastness of Sezrekan the Elder, the most wicked wizard ever to plague the Known World, but now the tower is known simply as the final resting place of the fabled Black Pearl—an artifact rumored to bring doom upon all who dare to possess it.

Tonight the moon nearly fills the sky, and the tides have already begun to recede. Adventurers have eight short hours to explore the tower before the dark waters return. The fabled Black Pearl will be theirs for the taking…if they can survive the Pearl’s curse.

DCC Convention Module 2017: Blood for the Serpent King

A Level 2 Adventure for DCC RPG

Deep in the jungles, amidst the ruins of an unimaginably ancient civilization, dangers lurk: feral tribes and predatory beasts, and darker things that civilized folks prefer to forget. You’ve heard the rumors of the treasure hordes of one of those great evils: the legendary serpent-man, Xiuhcoatl. They say that Xiucoatl is worshipped by feral tribes of degenerate serpent-men who call him The Emerald Cobra. Do you dare face their rites of blood and sacrifice?

DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill

A Level 2 Adventure for DCC RPG

Long ago, Frygorix of the Thousand Lies, a foul demon, ruled with fear from atop a lonely tor, spreading death and plague across the land. Two brave siblings, one bearing an enchanted shield of great power, challenged the demon, vowing to slay it and free the land. In their climactic battle, black towers of six-sided stone arose from the hilltop, an eerie outcropping called the Demon Crown by some. Stories hold that the shield lies untouched within the Demon Crown, but who knows what else might dwell within those weird, dark pillars of unearthly rock?

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