Cyclops Con T-Shirts and Four New DCC Sourcebooks Now In the Online Store!

Cyclops Con is this weekend! And to help celebrate, we’re creating a t-shirt—that glows in the dark! We heard your pleas, and we responded. Our newest shirt design is in the works and will show up in about a month, but you can get in line to have your own today!

On top of that, we’ve got four great new third-party releases to help liven up your isolation and enhance your gaming lives. And all four of them are being released as print + PDF, so you’ll get instant access to the books!

Let’s take a look!

Cyclops Con T-Shirt

A glowing symbol of your support!

We’re humbled by the incredible response to Cyclops Con and all the requests for a T-shirt. Due to popular demand, we are adding a Cyclops Con T-Shirt!

Unfortunately, the tee can’t be created in time for the con and will ship after Cyclops Con, but you can wear it to commemorate your participation in the event.

The shirt will be silkscreened with glow-in-the-dark ink. The glow ink will highlight the text “I stayed home for” and the cyclops eye Because nothing says “you’ve arrived” like a giant eyeball glowing in the dark…at home…where your friends can’t see it.


Dark Trails RPG “Bootleg Edition” – Print + PDF

A 192-page preview of the upcoming Dark Trails RPG, a stand-alone weird west compatible with DCC

Things have gotten plum weird since the events of The Seven Days of Night brought an end to the war, revealing the presence of an evil thicker than the darkest molasses that’d make the Devil himself blush! You can turn tail, or take the fight to the night, and you ain’t about to be called yeller! So, saddle your horses and clean those irons, ‘cause there’s something slithering across the dark frontier and it’s dead set on making vittles out of you and your ragtag posse.

The Dark Trails RPG is a standalone Weird West role-playing game influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft and folklore pulled from all over the world. The game offers a new take on the genre with a rule set based upon and compatible with the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG published by Goodman Games.

Within the pages of The Bootleg Edition, you’ll have enough rules, classes, and an exciting adventure, Death Crawls West, to wet your whistle and prepare you for what’s coming in 2020.

The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner – Print + PDF

The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner is a horror-themed western adventure designed for 4-to-6 1st-level characters. This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game. The adventure contains pre-generated western-themed DCC RPG characters, so no additional supplements are required. That said, it has been playtested with both David Baity’s upcoming Dark Trails RPG and Stormlord Publishing’s Black Powder, Black Magic DCC supplement with delightful results. There is an appendix “Running this adventure with Dark Trails” providing the judge ideas on how to fully leverage the Dark Trails ruleset with this adventure.

The adventure contains:

  • A complete, standalone, Western-themed, horror adventure for DCC RPG
  • 5 B&W illustrated handouts
  • 12 pre-generated Western-themed 1st-level DCC character sheets
  • 4 new magic items
  • “Running the Adventure with Dark Trails” summary
  • A full deity write up, complete with clerical titles, lay on hands manifestation, disapproval table, and 3 new canticles
  • A pile of glorious new art

Available in the standard cover version, or the limited-edition foil cover!

Umerica Unnatural – Print + PDF

A Gonzo Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Sourcebook with a weird Psionic system, new classes, new magic, and new tech!

Are the twisted wilds and wastes of Umerica not weird enough for you?

This tome has everything you need to spice up your gonzo post-apocalyptic campaign!

  • A complete psionic system with seven disciplines of mental mayhem to massacre mutant monsters with.
  • 18 new Wizard and Cleric spells, levels 1-5, capable of wrecking the most carefully planned out plots and perilous encounters.
  • Five new character classes: Wasteland Psion, Psi Mutant, Psylatan, Beastkin, and Shifter.
  • The Cache of Astonishing Salvage containing wasteland treasures ranging from favorite forgotten foodstuffs to new Graytech, plus the ever popular alien raygun generator tables.

No Umerica campaign is truly complete without the weirdness contained within these pages!

The House of the Red Doors – Print + PDF

A one player, one judge funnel for tournament or campaign play.

Generations ago the House of the Red Doors visited your village. Now, so many years hence, could it be passing this way again? Its immortal mistress, Jassafae, alters fates and grants wishes, but only to those brave enough to cross her threshold. You toil unceasingly, suffer much, and to what end? Unrequited dreams and the hope of an early grave? You resolve to enter and change your destiny.

The House of the Red Doors is a challenging 0-level adventure for one player and one judge. Three rounds of puzzles with seven different endings await the brave souls that enter the moveable mansion’s threshold. A dreamland-like setting allows for ease of use in nearly any genre. This adventure can quickly create a 1st level adventurer for an ongoing campaign, test a player’s wits, or be run as a tournament.

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