Seminar Schedule for Cyclops Con

Cyclops Con is on the horizon! And not only will it feature some online gaming from Goodman Games personalities—not to mention scores of fan Judges—but it will also feature seminar panels, like any good con should!

And now we’ve got our schedule of online seminars to share with you! Nine different panels on a variety of topics featuring some of our best giving you info and answering questions. Including a trio of AMA panels!

Here’s the schedule as it stands!

Lankhmar 101Jen BrinkmanSat 10-11 am
How to Write Adventures That Don’t SuckBrendan LaSalle, Marc Bruner, Terry Olson, Chris DoyleSat 7-8 pm
The Appendix N Trivia HourJeff GoadSat 8-9 pm
Top 10 TSR Adventure ModulesChris DoyleSat 9-10 pm
Lankhmar 101Jen BrinkmanSat 10-11 pm
Ask Me Anything HarleyHarley StrohSun 2-3 pm
DCC College* (see below)Sun 3-4 pm
Ask Me Anything BrendanBrendan LaSalleSun 4-5 pm
What’s New With Goodman GamesJoseph GoodmanSun 5-6 pm
Lankhmar 101Jen BrinkmanSun 6-7 pm
Ask Me Anything JosephJoseph GoodmanSun 10-11 pm

* Join renowned (and infamous) DCC judges to hear tips and suggestions on how to be a better judge! They’ll cover everything from rules knowledge to judging style and everything in between. Spellburn veteran Jen Brinkman will be the MC, supported by legendary judges Tim Deschene, Mike Bolam, Haley Skach, Evie Walls, and James Walls.

Cyclops Con is the first online convention created by Goodman Games, and will feature games for three great days. The con is scheduled for April 17-19 and it will take place in the phlogiston! (That’s “online” in mortal vernacular.) Everybody in the world can participate!

The con supports all Goodman Games product lines: DCCDCC Lankhmar, and MCC, plus our licensed products like Metamorphosis Alpha and 5E.

These seminars promise to be captivating and informative—and likely just a little bit random. But what else would you expect from the folks behind DCC RPG?

Author: pandabrett

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