Select Third-Party DCC Product Now Print + PDF

Just two days ago we announced that almost everything currently in print from Goodman Games was now fully print + PDF, and today we get to announce that several of our third-party partners are also on board.

Right now in our online store, select third-party publishers have joined us in the print + PDF policy, meaning that if you purchase any of their products from us you will also get immediate access to a PDF version that is available directly from our store.

Here are the DCC RPG third-party publishers currently on board:

Crawl! Zine
Shield of Faith Studios
Orbital Intelligence
Thick Skull Games
Bloat Games
Pandahead Publishing
Studio 9 Games
Tuesday Night Fiend Club
DIY RPG Productions
Owl Knight Publishing

This selection will get updated as more publishers join up with the program, but we’re thrilled to have these companies help out fans by providing instant PDF access to their books.

Remember: you MUST have a Goodman Games account to access any purchased PDF.

Go visit our store and support these small publishing companies who are here to help support DCC RPG and all of our fans.

Author: pandabrett

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