Our Events Page Now Helps You Find Players For Your Online Games!

We are continuing to update and modify our Events Page on almost a daily basis, trying to make it the best tool we can to help Judges and players find like-minded folks to roll some dice.

To that end, we’ve implemented two new tools that can help out. Both the Looking For Players and RSVP tool can help you find players and have them reserve spots in your game.

First, for Judges, when you submit your events, let us know that you would like either or both of those options set up for your game. We can add them before we make the game live, which enables them for players. You will need to include your name and email contact address in the submission so we can set it up to have you listed as the organizer. And then, a day or two before your event, we can email your list of players. It’s that easy!

For players, it’s almost as easy. We already showed you how to RSVP for a game when we announced the Tuesday Night Online Demo Club, and searching for open groups is just as easy.

Simply go to the pull-down menu on the search bar (pictured below) and click on it. Click on yes, and it will show you open games. That’s it! And if the Judges have chosen to open up their games for this option, then you will be able to find them.

So head on over to The Events Page and give everything a look! We’re looking to make this the best tool possible to help you play games in this current era of self-isolation.

Author: pandabrett

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