Submit Your Events For Cyclops Con!

Get ready for Cyclops Con! 

Brought to you by forces unnameable allied with Goodman Games, Cyclops Con is a celebration of all things Dungeon Crawl Classics. The con is scheduled for April 17-19 and it will take place in the phlogiston! (That’s “online” in mortal vernacular.) Everybody in the world can participate!

What’s the event schedule like? Cyclops Con supports all Goodman Games product lines: DCC, DCC Lankhmar, and MCC, plus our licensed products like Metamorphosis Alpha and 5E. This is your chance to play in an online session with our world-class game designers and judges. We will also have several seminars open to all viewers, there will be hangouts, and more!

We want YOU to run games! This is your chance to GAME FROM HOME! We are looking for judges to list their events – and players to play in those events! Judges who run at least two events will receive free admission to the con!

When can I buy my badge?

Badge purchases will open after Friday, April 10. For now, send in your events!

Event submission is now open!

Please submit your events now! Judges who run at least two events will receive free admission to the con! Event submission closes in less than a week, on Thursday, April 9, so please get your events in quickly!

3-hour events: Events are 3 hours long, with a one hour break in between. If your game is bumping up against the 3-hour deadline and your players are okay with “playing on,” it is totally fine to play into the break period – after all, there is no one else “waiting for the room”!

Event slots: You can view the event slots in the graphic below. Please submit events to align with the slotted start times. You can run games over slot G and slot M. (These will overlap with our seminars, but for gamers not interested in the seminars, we would like to offer events!)

You can also access a PDF of the event schedule here!

Important notes on events: Please note the following!

  • Times are listed in EASTERN TIME.
  • Some events may be live-streamed on our Twitch channel. If you are interested in making your event eligible for streaming, choose “yes” in that drop-down when you submit the event. 
  • It is okay to submit events in languages supported by Goodman Games translation partners: German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

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