Hobonomicon #2 Available Now Directly From Doug Kovacs!

Doug Kovacs’ fantastic work of fantasy enters another level with the release of Hobonomicon #2!

This is more than just a zine. It’s a complete system for creating and populating settings, and it is full of an amazing number of resources! Available directly from Doug, the second issue (or third, depending on how you want to count things) contains a lot of great material.

In this issue you will find: 

  • Verses of Natraz – new spells for your DCC game
  • Stefan Poag’s Never Trust a Wizard
  • The continuation of Death of a Reaver
  • AND a never before seen piece of art from the legendary D&D artist Jeff Easley that has been decades in the making.

Make your own decisions. Elastic thought is paramount. Dig your hands into the clay of the universe and shape existence as you will.

The Hobonomicon demands it!

Author: pandabrett

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