New in the Online Store: Clash of Giants Tees and Exclusive Adventure Module!

This year’s Road Crew theme is Clash of Giants, and we were prepared to blow your mind with some awesome new Clash of Giants tees and modules at Gary Con! Unfortunately, Gary Con was canceled – at least physically. You can still play online at Virtual Gary Con! But we can’t sell T-shirts and modules virtually—so now you get to buy them physically!

New in the online store this week are five new t-shirt designs PLUS DCC: The Accursed Heart of the World Ender. This was going to be our 2020 con module, but now it’s a web site exclusive! Get it while supplies last!

And a huge thanks to our fans for supporting the cause and staying socially distant. We’re all in this together.

Now, let’s look at some product!

DCC: The Accursed Heart of the World Ender

A Level 0 Adventure for DCC RPG

There is more to this motley group of pilgrims than meets the eye. It is foretold that one of them is descended from the royal bloodline, and is thus the legitimate king of a war-torn nation desperate for leadership. 

They who can draw forth the Seven-Tree Spear shall be named king, but are forces more sinister than any earthly imagined at play? 

The Accursed Heart of the World Ender is a 0-level funnel that pits the players against a threat against the multiverse itself!

DCC Clash Of Giants T-Shirt

The monsters are destroying our city! And you can be a part of it!

The Road Crew theme for 2020 is Clash of Giants, and this comfy t-shirt reflects that theme with a titanic battle between two wizards and the monsters they control. 

This shirt features the Clash of Giants artwork by Doug Kovacs.

DCC Cyclops T-Shirt

AAIIEEEE! Monsters have invaded our shirts! Only YOU can save us! 

These new comfy t-shirts bear the visage of a mighty Giant about to clash in a war for the ages. Powerful wizards control these monsters to battle for dominance. Can you do no less?

This shirt features the Cyclops artwork by Stefan Poag.

DCC Giant Gloop T-Shirt

This shirt features the Giant Gloop artwork by Stefan Poag.

DCC Dragon Rider T-Shirt

This shirt features the Dragon Rider artwork by Stefan Poag.

DCC Root Giant T-Shirt

This shirt features the Root Giant artwork by Stefan Poag.

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