Road Crew Transitions to Online Only Games

Hail Road Crew! 

Weird Uncle Brendan, head of the Road Crew here. Our world is facing a pandemic, and I personally call on all of y’all in the Road Crew to take it seriously. Please abide by the CDC’s recommendations: maintain social distance when you can, wash your hands well for 20 seconds, etc. This situation is going to change how we have to do things, for now. Do not despair! 

Here are some changes and addendum to the Road Crew rules, given our current situation. 

1. For the time being, physical Road Crew events are no longer eligible for swag. We encourage you to transition to online games for the foreseeable future. Until further notice, new play-in-person Road Crew games will not count for this year’s total game count.

2. Online games are eligible for Road Crew swag and do count as events, provided the online games are scheduled in a public venue. This means they need to be streamed or recorded somehow (such as on Twitch) or opened up to the general public for registration.

You can choose to stream these on the Goodman Games Twitch channel if you’d like! Check out this prior post if you’d like to learn more about gaming on our channel – Twitch Judges, Let Us Host Your Game On Our Channel!

3. You may have the opportunity to switch your physical games to online ones. For example, Virtual Gary Con. Go for it! Games switched online absolutely count for Road Crew credit. (Note that converted games are not new games – if you scheduled your first five road crew games for the year at a show that cancels their physical event but gives you the opportunity to play online, then those online games are still your games 1 through 5.)

4. At some point, the government will give the “all clear” for large gatherings again, at which point we will give you the all-clear to start scheduling physical Road Crew events again. 

Got any specific questions? Send them directly to your Weird Uncle Brendan at

The Dark Master says: “If ever the world needed an escape from reality, it is right now. The world NEEDS fantasy games right now. Running online games is going to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people in serious need. This is your mission, Road Crew. Go forth and do your best for your fellow gamers, your families, and our shared world.”

New to online gaming? There are so many ways to do it! Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, and Google Hangouts are all great choices. Look for more information from Goodman Games to help you with the online transition in the coming weeks!

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