New In Our Online Store: New DCC Rubber Stamps!

It’s time to add a personal stamp to your DCC RPG game. And thanks to the folks at Weird Works, you can.

We’ve got a great selection of the weird works self-inking rubber stamps in stock on our online store, which are perfect for enhancing your Dungeon Crawl Classics game.

Whether you are wanting to mark the cause of death, denote a spellbook, or even indicate that rare instance where the character actually survived the funnel, we’ve got the stamp for you!

Check out the selection below, and grab yours today!

Self-Inking Stamp: Official Quest Complete (Black or Green)

Self-Inking Stamp: Retro RIP Skull & Bones (Black or Red)

Self-Inking Stamp: Official RIP Skull & Arrows (Black or Red)

Self-Inking Stamp: Spellbook (Purple)

Self-Inking Stamp: Official You Have Survived (Black or Brown)

Self-Inking Stamp: Vintage Dragon Quest Complete (Black or Green)

Author: pandabrett

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