Writers and Artist, The Gongfarmer’s Almanac Wants to Publish You!

Every year, a group of awesome volunteers self-publishes The Gongfarmer’s Almanac (GFA). and gives away free copies to any and all comers at Gen Con. Afterward, the final product is FREE for download or print at-cost. If you are a writer, artist, editor, layout designer, proofer, or just love supporting the zine community, you have a home in the GFA. It is a great opportunity to get to work with other fans and get to know some of the DCC insiders.

Peasants rejoice! Following in the footsteps of the “survive the funnel” topic of last year, 2020 is “let’s level up,” such as level 1 adventures, character classes, patrons, weapons, artifacts, higher level monsters, etc. That said, and like always, we are open to all types of content of all levels: short adventures, new classes, gods, patrons, rules, items, monsters, etc.

Get the full details and sign up via the Welcome to GFA 2020 – Level Up! Edition.

Author: pandabrett

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