Support The DCC Kickstarter For The Salty Funnel, A New Third-Party Adventure!

Are you ready to hit the high seas? Weil this Kickstarter is for you! There are 3 themes to play in The Salty Funnel, Prison Transport, Slave Trader, and High Society. And maybe just a hint of a nod towards a particularly popular space epic that happened a long time ago, in a…well, you get it.

Here is the story behind The Salty Funnel.

We’re on a Boat!

Captain Guido: “Ain’t never met a paying customer I didn’t like. So what if their faces were hidden in the cowls of purple robes with weird gold lettering around the cuffs and hem. Sure, maybe a tentacle slithered out of one of those cowls…but their coin passed the bite test, so I took it, and their smelly, slimy crates.”

Mr. Skubagai, First Mate: “If the Cap’n had asked, me, I’d have told him that taking on cargo of an illicit nature with a ship full of landlubbers was a bad idea, but when’s he ever consult his first mate? And, why are all those crates leaking some sort of ichor?”

Quartermaser Warklaw: “You even sail, bro?”

Captain: “Yes. I mean, I did just win this ship in a card game from a guy in a cape…”

We’ve sailed! Well, not a project via Kickstarter…

A Barnacle-Laden Salty Funnel is a twist on nautical adventure themes. We’ll forego all the Aye Mateys and Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! This is the first in what we hope becomes a series of funnels we produce that have a multi-theme angle to them. We filled 3 Occupations tables (Christophor said that’s a pain in the @ss but he’s now a master of medieval jobs), took three standard nautical themes and then twisted them into a single product. This gives better replayability as well as some options in each playthrough. Choose from a cargo hold full of soon-to-be-slaves, a brig full of criminals, or a ballroom full of pompous a… elites.

So show some love for these souls set adrift! You can lend your aid over on their Kickstarter right now! Avast!

Author: jmcdevitt

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