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It has already been a wild month of Kickstarter launches, but with ZineQuest 2 still in full swing, it’s not stopping yet!

This time out, the folks at Breaker Press Games have launched the DCC Kickstarter for Rabid Dogs! Described as a mix of role-playing games and punk rock, Rabid Dogs is the creation of Nick Raban, who wants to mix in the edgy feeling he got from playing fantasy RPGs in his past with his love of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Here’s what is promised in the first issue.

The Contents:

I’m an Outsider… The Outlier Character Class – The ranger concept just doesn’t fit with the “you’re no hero” ethos of DCC, and admittedly, I had a middle school obsession with the bandit character class for AD&D re-published in Best of Dragon Vol. 4. The Outlier mashes up these two concepts into something uniquely DCC.

I Wanna Be Your Dog… The Canine Character Class – What happens when the party’s shepherd dies and their herding dog becomes the heart of the party? Well, you probably should just let them be the fuzzy anti-hero they were destined to be.

Equal People… Demihumans and Mixed Race Player Characters – Unrestricted by traditions put forth by authors of the past, you should be the class and race you most connect with and will have the most fun playing. Here’s how to do that with DCC.

Road to Ruin… Three Roadside Encounters – A mysterious roadside statue, a philosophical wanderer, and a curious hilltop glade. Three encounters to test the wits of your band of adventurers

So if you’ve got metal running through your veins, or just crave a bit of bite to your game material, then you should check out the DCC Kickstarter for Rabid Dogs!

Author: pandabrett

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