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The Feburary #ZineQuest2 campaign on Kickstarter continues! This time, we’re going to introduce you to the interstellar setting of the Akashic Titans!

From the mind of Leighton Connor—co-creator of Leopard Women of Venus—comes a campaign of epic beings traveling the universe and creating interesting moments in their wake.

I know, it’s a little confusing. Let’s have Leighton describe it himself, right from the Kickstarter.

The Akashic Titan zine serves as an introduction to the akashic titans, giant metal constructs powered by magic that soar across the endless void, traveling from world to world. In addition to giving an overview of the akashic titans, the zine provides a port city setting, Starnheim, that Judges can work into their Dungeon Crawl Classics games.

Part 1: Journey to Starnheim describes the rumors that might entice PCs to seek out a hidden market and some of their stops along the way.

Part 2: The Town of Starnheim gives an overview of a hidden market town, including some of the dangerous factions PCs may encounter there.

Part 3: Mount Starnheim describes the port where the akashic titans dock and the businesses located there.

Part 4: The Akashic Titans describes the workings of the akashic titans, including combat rules, an overview of the crew members’ responsibilities, and a sample titan.

Part 5: The Bands briefly describes the colored Bands that the akashic titans travel through in their journeys across reality.

Also included are new monsters (such as the Stellar Squid and Living Constellation), spells (such as Access Akashic Library), and, of course, random tables.

Leighton will also be contributing the artwork for Akashik Titan, making it a true outlet for all of his creativity.

So, if you’d like to be a part of something bigger—and we mean, titan-sized bigger—then you need to go give your support to the Akashik Titan DCC Kickstarter today!

Author: pandabrett

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