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Caution: Here there be monsters.

Are you looking to add some beasties for your besties? Some foes for your friends? Or, just in general, do you like monsters? Well, how about Them’s Monsters!?

This new and exciting zine is the latest from Joshua LH Burnett. You know him as the creator of Leopard Woman of Venus and Draugr & Draculas.

Here is what the Kickstarter says is the tale behind Them’s Monsters!


Q: What are those?

A: Them’s monsters!

In 2018, Josh put together a manga-sized zine called Them’s Monsters! that he passed out to people he met at Gen Con (he claims it’s better than a business card!). The zine was a collection of various monsters for Dungeon Crawl Classics. He’s never officially published Them’s Monsters!, and that original print-run of 50 was all the world has ever seen of it.

But now ZineQuest 2 provides the opportunity and excuse to share Them’s Monsters! with the wider world! The ZineQuest version of Them’s Monsters! includes the original 10 monsters, several new ones, as well as new and improved art.

Those Monsters…

  • Carrion Knight
  • Cleric Lick Monster
  • Cybersnail
  • Eyeless Dead
  • Humababa
  • Iron Medusa
  • Millennium Tortoise
  • Muldasynkovi
  • Pumpkin Knight
  • Sanity Assassin
  • Sludge Dwarf
  • Sludge Golem
  • Terrible Infant
  • Weremoose 

And Also…

  • The Dungle, a new DCC class of hardy little beetle people.
  • A never-before-seen Moonblossom & Chance comic. 

While the original Them’s Monsters! was manga-sized, the new version will be in the standard 8.5” x 5.5” zine format. In accordance with the ZineQuest guidelines, it will be printed in a single color. He expects the whole thing to be about 28 pages.

Them’s Monsters! is another publication to see print thanks to the February #ZineQuest initiative from Kickstarter. Like all Kickstarters, though, the chance to get in on the ground floor has a time limit. So you need to act fast and discover Them’s Monsters!

Author: jmcdevitt

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