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The Goodman Games Fan Forums have been refreshed, with all-new areas devoted to the Road CrewDCC College, Conventions, and more!

The Forums are a great repository of knowledge and insight into Goodman Games products, including Dungeon Crawl Classics, Original Adventures Reincarnated, DCC Lankhmar, Mutant Crawl Classics, and more!

• New Judges can start their DCC experience in the new DCC College section. See what other new Judges are asking, and ask questions of your own. DCC fans make up one of the most helpful online gaming communities around, so this is a great place to chat about the whys and wherefores of the rules and how to use them for maximum fun.

• If you’re in the Road Crew (and anybody is eligible to be in the Road Crew) there’s a whole new area to discuss how games went, ways to promote your Road Crew games, ask questions about organizing Road Crew games, and share what you’re doing with all your Road Crew loot!

• There’s a new section dedicated to Tales from the Magician’s Skull, right next to the Appendix N section, so you can discuss and explore the fiction that inspires and drives DCC ever onward…!

• There are now two sections dedicated to our 5E output, covering both Fifth Edition Fantasy adventures and our line of Original Adventures Reincarnated, which presents classic TSR modules in their original form, along with historical context, notes on their original creation from those who were there, and all-new 5e conversions of those adventures!

• There’s also a section for discussing our system-neutral products, which include the Cthulhu AlphabetDungeon AlphabetHow to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck, and more!

• And don’t forget, the Gongfarmer’s Almanac now has a home on the forums, too — for organizing and coordinating its creation each year! And speaking of which, that’s just about to start… so keep your eye on that section so you know exactly how you yourself can contribute to The World’s Biggest All-Gaming-Content Free Fanzine About DCC, MCC, and Xcrawl in the World!

Author: jmcdevitt

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