New DCC Third-Party Releases For The Umerica Setting

If you’ve been busy crawling under a broken moon and are just dying to sink your teeth into something, there’s some good news for you. We have two tasty new adventures from Shield of Faith for the Umerica campaign setting.

Umerica is a gonzo post-apocalyptic campaign setting and sourcebook based on the articles from the Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine. And now they’ve added to more books to the universe to expand the world even further. And they have our mouths watering for adventure.

Let’s see what’s on the menu!

Burger Wars!

An Umerican Adventure of Tasty Treachery for 3+ Level Characters.

Welcome to Oniontown!

Oniontown is the inhabited remains of a once sizable pre-cataclysm city. For decades the Buddy O’Burger cult has claimed dominion here but now a dreadful curse and formidable rivals threaten to upset their reign and tear the city apart!

Will you aid the O’Burger cult in restoring order to the city? Will you side with the rival Piggy King cult, hungry to take over? Will you delve into other malevolent mysteries that might be behind the conflict consuming Oniontown? Will you use the conflict to grab every bit of sweet salvage you can get your mutated mitts on?

Will you profitably prevail the perils of the city or just become another freshly served value menu item in the Burger Wars?

Damn Tasty

An Umerican 0-Level Adventure.

An Umerican Culinary Experience Brought To You By The Go! Afterlife Company.

Ever wonder how Go! Bars come up with such tasty flavors like Peppermint Pot Pie? Ever think that it’s odd that Go! Bars are still around and plentiful? Find out as you join the Go! Bar team as wage wights. Find out how they decide on their innovative flavor combinations. Learn about the secret ingredients. Find out if escaping on your bi-annual day off really is a way to taste freedom. Herd your hoard of wage wights past the grease ghouls, avoid your supervisors the skeleton crew, and don’t draw the attention of the quality control in-specter.

For your full taste of Umerica, be sure to check out all of Shield of Faith DCC 3PP products!

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