Announcing the 2020 Road Crew: Clash of Giants!

It’s time to put on your big pants, because the 2020 Road Crew is going giant-sized!

This year’s promotion is Clash of Giants, and it’s loaded with something for you and your players to display with every game: patches! There are over a dozen exclusive patches to earn as you work your way through the various levels of the Road Crew promotion!

We’ve also got some old favorites on the list, like bookmarks, the belt buckle, and the ever-popular Judge’s Pin!

On top of that, there is a wealth of material to help you promote your event, ranging from posters to graphics that you can use to create your own image to promote your game.

As always, you earn your credits by running games. To qualify as a Road Crew game, you have to run a Goodman Games RPG—Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, Original Adventures Reincarnated, or any other game we publish—and the game must be open to the public. This can happen at a public venue, such as a convention, game store, gaming club, or anywhere else that gamers gather, or online games on public platforms (Twitch, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.)—just make sure that new people can discover and play your game!

So what are we jawing here about? Head on over and check out the 2020 Road Crew Page today!

Author: jmcdevitt

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