Support Lou Zocchi After His Fire!

Lou Zocchi is an innovator, a creator, and an icon of the industry. And right now he needs our help.

Over the weekend, Lou’s property broke out in a fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt and his house was spared—but his garage was not. That garage served as the warehouse and headquarters for his company, and it has left him in dire need. Lou makes his living by traveling to shows and selling the product that was stored in that garage, and right now that future needs help.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Lou Zocchi, and we ask you to take a moment to go and give what you can to help him out. Every little bit helps Lou rebuild and restore his life. Please, give what you can.

As a bonus, a couple years ago we interviewed Lou for our 2015 Gen Con Program Guide. Here’s a PDF of the interview for those who want to read it. Lou is a legend in the gaming industry, and if you think you know why, read this interview to find out all the other reasons that just make his resume even more impressive!

Author: pandabrett

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