2019 Conventions Year in Review: Whew!

2019 Conventions Year in Review: Whew!

By Brendan LaSalle

Goodman Games went on the road early and stayed out late in 2019, with our extended family hitting more shows than ever before. We visited more than 20 conventions and collectively ran hundreds of games.

I personally ran 95 games for a total of 596 players. That’s my new record, and I celebrated by sitting very still for a long time not thinking about gaming.

I had so many fantastic moments this year. I got to meet with the RPG club from my alma mater, Spring Woods High School in Houston, Texas, and talk to them about FRPGs as a profession. I got to play a rabbit in Forrest Aguirre’s Bunnies and Burrows pickup the Wednesday before Gamehole (“Send me in . . . as a decoy!”).  I fulfilled a lifetime dream, running Palace of the Silver Princess in Lake Geneva – my first time ever running a TSR adventure at Gary Con. I gathered with the tribe at the award ceremony at this year’s Gen Con and looked out on so many faces of folks I had gamed with, folks I had so many memories with.

In 2019 I shared in so many fantastic adventures, so many good times with so many wonderful folks, that I couldn’t mention them all in as many words as I’m likely to get allotted for this year’s article. So here are a few superlatives from this, one of the most fun and absolutely singular year of my career as a designer and representative of Goodman Games.  

Best Character Sheet Art

This amazing halfling haberdasher from SCARAB

Best Cosplay

These Groovy Ghoulies from Momocon.

Best PC Death

The Long Con, Inn at Five Points: Clem the halfling decides to jump down the wolf-wyrm’s throat to dual-wield attack it from within, “Drax the Destroyer” style. It didn’t work out so great for poor Clem, but that halfling died brave and took a chunk of that horrible thing’s stomach with him.
Boo ya!

(That’s Clem’s player, far right in the green shirt).

Happiest Sad Moment

The wonderful gaming good-bye party my friends in Rhode Island threw for me before I moved to Georgia. I got to play Jett the Wizard and Scar the Warrior in games by Tim Deschene and Michael Curtis, respectively.

Best Photobomb

It’s a tie this year for this classic moment from Drinking and Dragons in New London, Connecticut.

And this unicorn bomb from Mepacon

Best Road Meal

Amazing fish and chip fry-up at The Batter of Bosworth, Bosworth, Nuneaton, UK. Give me their pea fritters, all day every day.

Greatest Con Gift Ever

The customized marmite from Julian and the UK crew.

Best Gaming Sidekick

Judge Evie, natch. Thanks for listening to me gripe when I was so hungry that day at Save Versus Fear.

This was an absolutely tremendous year for Goodman Games and for me, personally. I just want to say a huge thanks for all the convention organizers, the booth staff, the Goodman Games fans both old and new, for making 2019 our best year on the road ever.

And a huge special thanks to Joseph Goodman, The Founder of The Feast, for giving me the greatest gig in gaming.

Be well, and see you all in 2020. Cheers!

Author: jmcdevitt

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