Stefan Poag’s “The Yellow Sign” Now Available!

Stefan Poag’s illustrated horror comic, The Yellow Sign, is now for sale alongside The Hobonomicon!

Many of you know about Doug Kovacs’ under-the-radar web site where he sells copies of The Hobonomicon and his sketchbook, The Drain Chamber. Stefan Poag has joined the revolution and you can now buy copies of Stefan’s illustrated horror comic, The Yellow Sign, on the same site!

Stefan Poag’s illustrated horror comic, The Yellow Sign, is based on a story by Robert Chambers. While you are there, you can pick up a Hobonomicon, too! You may have heard references to Carcosa and “The Yellow King” in TV shows like True Detective. Chambers was the originator of these horror themes in his highly original book of short stories, The Yellow King, published in 1895. H.P. Lovecraft considered Chamber’s work to be a major inspiration.

Stefan Poag’s illustrated adaptation of The Yellow Sign is 16 pages plus cover, digest-sized, and signed by the artist. Stefan Poag regularly contributes illustrations to many of your favorite Goodman Games publications—including the Dungeon Crawl Classics line.

Click the button below to head over and grab a copy of Stefan’s latest!

Author: pandabrett

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