New in the Online Store: Original Art Packs by Brad McDevitt and Stefan Poag

Looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone? Give them original art by Dungeon Crawl Classics artists Brad McDevitt and Stefan Poag! For a limited time, both of these experienced artists are offering three-packs of original interior illustrations for only $25!

That’s right, you get some of their ORIGINAL ART for DCC for only $25!

Both Stefan and Brad have been working on the DCC line for many years, with their works appearing in dozens (possibly hundreds) of Goodman Games titles. For the dedicated gamer—or your tireless judge—original art makes a unique and special gift.

As you may know, Goodman Games is committed not just to classic gaming, but also to classic art techniques. All art in the DCC line leaves behind a physical artifact—there is “actual original art” on which the image is based. We don’t publish digital “ghost art” in the DCC line. What this means for you is that you have the chance to buy this original art.

As a limited-time offer, Brad and Stefan have selected sets of original art three-packs that are value-priced at only $25. Each pack has three pieces of original art, ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 page pieces. These are black and white images, mostly inkwork with some brushwork. All of them are published images, mostly from the Dungeon Crawl Classics line, with some from Original Adventures Reincarnated or other lines we publish.

For $25 you will get three pieces of original art by Brad or Stefan, all of them from published works and at least one from a published DCC product by Goodman Games!

We have a fixed number of these packs prepared. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Head on over and pick up your original DCC Three-Pack by Stefan Poag or DCC Three-Pack by Brad McDevitt today!

For additional information on the artists, you can visit their web sites!

Author: pandabrett

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