DCC Lifestyles: The License Plate Edition

Hey DCC fans! It’s a well-known fact that you guys are the best, most supportive fans in the world, so we’ve got an offer for you.

Anyone who gets an official, state-provided license plate celebrating Dungeon Crawl Classics for their vehicle, and drives said vehicle to Gen Con, will get a free Gen Con badge courtesy of Goodman Games!

Rick Hull, who is from Kentucky, was our first person to take us up on the offer.

And we’ll keep doing it for as long as you have that license plate. This is a lifetime offer, folks. It IS however limited to one person per vehicle.

And of course, there’s more than one possible name for a DCC license plate. Have you considered:


Or whatever your mind can muster. The limit is your imagination…and the law.

Since then we have had a few more people take us up on a lifetime (of the license plate) free GenCon badge. We now have North Carolina, Ohio, and most recently Louisiana.

Remember, this is a standing offer. So get your license plate ordered, email us a pic, and we’ll meet you at Gen Con 2020 with a badge! Simple as that.

Author: jmcdevitt

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