U-Con Recap!

The crown jewel of Michigan gaming, U-con, celebrated its 30th anniversary, and Goodman Games was there! Well, specifically, Judge Brendan was there as Guest Emeriti and Judge extraordinaire!

There were plenty of DCC, MCC, Xcrawl, and Dark Trails at U-Con 30 as part of the excellent OSR track. Special congratulations to the Division III Struggleos who defeated the rival Dogs of War in head-to-head Xcrawl action.

All in all, it was a fantastic event with great fans and amazing games. Ucon continues to be one of Judge Brendan’s favorite shows and a fabulous place to roll dice and have fun.

Huge thanks to the guests, staff, and volunteers, and a special thanks to wizard Bob for showing the world what a 107 point magic missile looks like.

Now let’s look at some pics!

Author: pandabrett

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