Last Chance for The House of The Red Doors Kickstarter!

It’s time to kick the doors in! If you’ve been hesitant about backing the third-party DCC Kickstarter for The House of The Red Doors, there is no more time to waste!

The House of The Red Doors is a very unique new project for Dungeon Crawl Classics from James A. Pozenel that offers a very personal gaming experience. This third-party DCC Kickstarter is about a one-on-one adventure between a Judge and a single player, as they experience what lies inside The House of Red Doors.

Wonder what you will get when you back this awesome Kickstarter? Well here you go:

  • A tabletop RPG adventure funnel for one 0-Level peasant to try their luck
  • Art: YES! by┬áStefan Poag
  • Heavy paper for print backers: 100# cover, 80# interior
  • Limited edition, hand-numbered for print backers

Are there any stretch goals you may ask? Why yes there are and they are great!

  • ACHIEVED! $2,500 Tournament Extras: We’ll produce a full set of illustrated handouts to facilitate running the adventure at a gaming convention.
  • ACHIEVED! $3,500 Drop Table: A spiffy drop table (illustrated by Doug Kovacs) for determining why peasants enter the House of the Red Doors.
  • NEW! $5,500 Mini Booklet Player’s Handout:  A one-page, fold & cut mini booklet handout. Featuring mini maps and vistas not yet illustrated in the adventure. 

Looking for a very unique gift to give someone for Christmas? The House of The Red Doors would be it! But, you must hurry because you only have hours until it ends! Go over to Kickstarter and make your pledge.

Author: pandabrett

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