Tangent Reviews Tales From The Magician’s Skull

Tangent is the genre’s premiere review magazine for short SF and fantasy, and has been online sharing reviews of releases since 1997. Here’s how they describe themselves from their website, “Described as a “one-stop clearinghouse for information on the good, the bad and the ugly in the short-story jungle” by Paul Di Filippo, it provides insightful, in-depth coverage of the width and breadth of the short SF/F field, from startup magazines featuring the possible SF/F pros of the future to the most established, long-running, award-winning magazines the genre has to offer.”

So, they’ve got some chops, and they know their stuff. And recently, they reviewed issue #3 of Tales From The Magician’s Skull. You can read a couple of excerpts from their review below.

About By That Much by Joseph A. McCullough:

All in all, though, I thoroughly enjoyed Nick’s odd little adventures, regardless of whether he’s some supernatural embodiment of Death or just an incredibly intuitive gravedigger.

About The Second Death of Hanuvar by Howard Andrew Jones:

There’s very little to say about Jones’s story aside from the fact that it is honestly quite excellent.

About The Wizard of Remembrance by Sarah Newton:

Personally, I quite liked it, having often used it myself when the story I’m telling is meant to live in myth, which is, I believe, Newton’s aim in this piece. It’s not so much an adventure written with a sense of immediacy like the others in this issue, so much as it is a recounting of a heroic event long before humans thought to write them down, if that makes sense.

In short, they loved it and you will too! And now you can pre-order your copy! It’s scheduled for release on December 4th, and you can secure your copy in our online store today!

Author: pandabrett

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