Massachusetts DCC Fans, Support the Soldiers, Dice, & Dragons Event This Weekend!

Soldiers, Dice, & Dragons is an annual one-day game convention that takes place on Veteran’s Day weekend at Clarksburg Elementary School, located in the farthest reaches of Western Massachusetts.

The convention’s mission is to raise awareness of veteran homelessness through the power of our gaming communities. Founded by Michael Little and run by students of Clarksburg Elementary and other schools, in just three years they have raised almost $10,000 and collected over 4,000 basic necessities, such as soap, shampoo, shaving cream, toothbrushes, boots, blankets, and jackets, to name but a few.

The admission fee for the convention on Saturday, November 9 is to donate basic necessities, like the ones listed above.

They raise the bulk of their money by hourly raffles of games, RPG books, dice, and other cool swag that has been donated by companies, such as Goodman Games and many others.

They hope to one day grow into a two or three-day convention. In due time, they hope other schools or even game stores will hold Soldiers, Dice, and Dragons events in their areas, not only raising awareness of veteran homelessness, but potentially eliminating this problem altogether.

So head on out to Soldiers, Dice, and Dragons this weekend! Help out those in need and roll some dice for a good cause!

WHAT: Soldiers, Dice, & Dragons
WHEN: Saturday, November 9
WHERE: Clarksburg Elementary School, Western Massachusetts

Author: pandabrett

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