Fifth Edition Fantasy Around the World: FEF in Brazil!

It’s not just Europe. Goodman Games is also making our presence known in South America!

Recently, Galápagos Jogos—the company that is responsible for bringing D&D 5e official core books (Portuguese version) to Brazil—held a convention in São Paulo at the Museum of Image and Sound. And Goodman Games was there thanks to Sagen Editora.

Sagen Editora organized fifty games using Fifth Edition Fantasy books. That’s right—FIFTY games. It was a huge success, and they received a ton of positive response from the fans. It seems that Fifth Edition Fantasy is a big hit in the southern hemisphere, and we couldn’t be happier!

A huge thanks to Sagen Editora for bringing Fifth Edition Fantasy to the show, and being an important part of this event.

Now enjoy some pics from the show! (Including the gorgeous setting for the convention!)

Author: pandabrett

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